Delivering Personal Services to you and your loved ones with Care and Compassion

Perhaps you require transportation and assistance getting to a Doctor's appointment, to a social event, to do shopping, or simply for an afternoon or evening out. We can accompany you to these, and other events.

The staff of Companions and More Ltd. is, first and foremost, Mature, Dependable, Honest, Reliable and Respectful. It is our number one objective to meet your social and mobility needs by providing you with companionship and personal services to make your life easier and as comfortable as possible.

Founders Rick & Jane Dyhm

Rick was born in Northern Ontario in 1954, and after attending university in Thunder Bay, came to Alberta in 1977. For 34 years, Rick was a Federal Peace Officer, working for the Correctional Service of Canada at Edmonton Institution. Starting as a Correctional Officer, Rick also held positions as a Parole Officer, managed the Programs Department and Aboriginal Departments for many years, and was at times an Acting Assistant Warden, as well as Executive Assistant to Edmonton Institutions Warden.

During these years Rick, like many other Albertans, spent time helping older family and close friends; taking them to Doctors appointments, shopping for groceries, to the bank, etc. It was this experience, as well as watching wife Jane’s work with clients in a Designated Supportive Living Facility which led Rick decide to offer his assistance to elderly and mobility challenged Edmontonians.

Jane was born in Edmonton, Alberta but grew up in Wales, UK. After graduating from college in 1984, Jane decided to come back to Canada to see where she was born. Jane's intention was to be here for a year but she never left! Jane has spent her life caring for others. Jane spent many years as a nanny, caring for young children in their homes.

Then she met a lady named Laura who was suffering from MS. Jane cared for Laura in her home until Laura tragically passed away. Caring for Laura inspired Jane to want to care for and help adults with disabilities. Since 2002 Jane has been working for a not-for-profit Society that cares for and Houses adults who have some kind of disability, whether it be mental illness, a physical disability or Seniors.

Jane and Rick together want to offer Companion Services to people who need someone to help them with daily tasks or just want someone to keep them company, make them laugh and to know they are special. Through care and compassion, Companions and More aim to meet your needs.

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Providing Personal Services to You and Your Loved Ones with Care and Compassion in Edmonton, AB